Nebo School District Policy and Procedures
Section G: Personnel


GA Employee Job Studies and Descriptions

GBA Employee Associations

GBC Policy Employee Code of Ethics and Conduct

GBCC Policy Alcohol and Drug-Free Workplace Policy

GBEA (JDD) Prohibition of Bullying, Hazing, and Retaliation
GBEA-F (JDD-F) Parent/Guardian Nitification Record of Student Bullying Incident or Suicide Threat

GBEB Employee Discrimination and Harassment (or get Spanish Version)
GBEB-F1 Investigation Checklist (also as Word Doc)
GBEB-F2 Complaint Form (Word) (also as Word Doc)
GBEB-F3 Response Form (also as Word Doc)
GBEB-F4 Witness Statement Form (also as Word Doc)
GBEB-F5 Investigation Report Form (also as Word Doc)

GBEC Family and Medical Leave Act of 1993

GBEF Employee/Student Standards of Conduct

GBEG Workplace Accommodations for Employees with Disabilities
GBEG-F1 Employee Request for ADA Accommodation Form

GBHA Policy Scope of Employment

GBHB Information and Communication Technology / Social Networking

GBHC Employee Immunizations

GBN Employment Background Checks

GCBA Employment and Supervision of Relatives

GCD Hiring Practices

GCE Policy Substitutes

GCN Employee Evaluations

GCPC Employee Retirement Eligibility

GCPD Employee Discipline, Administrative Leave and Orderly Termination

GCPF Reduction in Force

GCR Overtime, Compensatory Time, and Flexibile Work Time
GCR-F Comp and Flex Time Log

GDA Classified Employee Job Review
GDA-F1 Classified Employee Job Review Form

GF Coaches and Advisors
GF-E1 High School Extracurricular Positions and Funding (Exhibit 1)
GF-E2 Junior High School Extracurricular Positions and Funding (Exhibit 2)
GF-E3 High School Extracurricular Stipend Schedule (Exhibit 3)
GF-F1 High School Extracurricular Stipend Payment Request (Form 1)
GF-F2 Junior High School Extracurricular Stipend Payment Request (Form 2)