Nebo School District Policy and Procedures
Section E: Support Services


EBC Policy Nebo School District Crisis Management Plan for Schools

EBD Policy Inclement Weather

ECA Policy Surveillance Cameras

EEA Policy Student Transportation
EEA-P Procedure Student Transportation
EEA-P2 Procedure School Bus Route Approval

EEAAA Policy in Lieu of Transportation
EEAAA-P Procedure Reimbursement for in Lieu of Transportation
EEAAA-E Exhibit Principal's Application for Student Special Transportation Allowance

EEABA Policy Hazardous Routes
EEABA-P Procedure Hazardous Routes
EEABA-E Composition of Hazardous Route Committee
EEABA-E2 Exhibit Request for Special Transportation Consideration (530.3)

EF Child Nutrition Programs
EF-L Delinquent Meal Charges Suggested Letter

EFA Student Wellness Policy

EFC Policy Vending Machines

EH Records Access & Management/Grama Policy