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All-State Choir Singers

Submitted by lana.hiskey on Fri, 10/14/2011 - 5:20pm
Lana Hiskey

All-State Choir Singers!

The All-State choir includes over 700 high school singers from most of the high school choral programs throughout the state. 

Choir Director, Cory Mendenhall, said, “Maple Mountain was honored to send sixteen students to this year's All-State Choir under the direction of renowned conductor, Mack Wilberg.  Our students worked ever so diligently as they prepared for this esteemed opportunity.  Our singers combined with approximately 730 voices from high schools around the state of Utah, spending nearly 25 hours in combined-areas and state-wide rehearsals.  This doesn't include the time each student individually spent in preparing to contribute to the All-State Choir.  I am very pleased with each of our All-State singers from throughout Nebo School District and am thankful they could have the experience of performing in the Salt Lake Tabernacle on Temple Square with one another.”

All-State Singers from MMHS–Choir Director Cory Mendenhall
Kaelynn Allred
Kelsey Dominguez
Taylor Edwards       
Bobbe Graham
Jake Harding
Taylor Holden
Cassie Hooper
Curtis Houston
Madison Hurst
A 'Lea Nielsen
Katelyn Nielson
Michael Nixon
Caleb Russell
Esther Savage
Heidi Scott
Cody Wiscombe

Choir Director, Justin Bills, said, “It truly is an impressive sight to see and hear 700 high school singers, including our 12 Skyhawks, singing in the Tabernacle. This year, they will be conducted by Mack Wilberg.”

All State Choir from SHHS–Choir Director Justin Bills
Craig Applegate    
Alexandra Bauer    
Amaya Bingham    
Landon Copling    
Charlie Flint    
Aubree Head    
Sean McEwan    
Colton Mitchell    
Alicea Moody    
Collin Preece    
Adrienne Ventura    
Megan Wilson    

All State Choir from SFHS–Choir Director Shea Bradshaw
Bethany Bramall
Jessica Christley
Sydney Critchfield
Geoff Eppley
Dee Leavitt           
Sam Maughan
Matt Russell
Jacob Warner
Emily Woodbrey
Brooklyn Young

All State Choir from SHS–Choir Director Leanna Crockett
Jacheline Camacho
Scott Evans
Emma Graves
Gavin Hurlburt
Michael Martinez
Rebekah McClain
Aleks Newman
Matt Niu
Dylan Reay
Jacob Stradling
Cami Sumsion
Holly Whearley

Congratulations on a job well done! Nebo District is still waiting to receive All-State Choir list from PHS. It will be added as soon as we receive the list.

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