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Nebo Education Foundation Gives Grants to South Schools October 2019

Submitted by lana.hiskey on Tue, 10/08/2019 - 4:05pm
By Lana Hiskey

Nebo Education Foundation board members meet each month to review and award grant requests, consider fund-raising avenues, and other items that advance the educational opportunities for Nebo School District students. The Nebo Education Foundation functions through generous donations made by individuals and businesses. 

Congratulations to the following teachers that continue to make a difference in the lives of students. 

Salem Hills - Justin Bills
“Thank you so much for your incredibly generous donation to the Choir Program at Salem Hills High School. Just like any other academic class, choir requires textbooks for our material. The big difference with choir, is the textbooks are printed copies of music that can cost anywhere from 1.50-4.50 per copy, per piece. Considering that each choir can sing up to 10 pieces a year, and there are anywhere from 20-90 people in each of the choirs at Salem Hills, the cost of purchasing this music for the students quickly becomes unmanageable. The donation from our wonderful Nebo Foundation will considerably help offset the costs of purchasing this music for our students allowing us to stay current in choral music trends, choose music that will meet our educational goals, and obey copyright laws. It truly takes a village to provide the type of first-rate music education Salem Hills has become known for--and we couldn't do it without the Nebo Foundation. Thank you again,” stated Justin Bills, choir teacher at Salem Hills High.

Wilson Elementary - Celeste Fisher
“I am so grateful for the Nebo Foundation Education grant! I have several old Chromebooks that have not been reliable to run the great programs that Nebo School District and Wilson Elementary have available for the students. With the ten new Chromebooks, I will have a reliable class set.  The Chromebooks will allow my students to access proven programs such as Reflexmath to learn their multiplication and division facts, and our newly adopted math program, Ready Mathematics which gives differentiated instruction practice to each student. The Chromebooks will also allow me to use state programs like Utah Compose for writing. These Chromebooks will be used on a daily basis for many years and will be a great asset providing individualized instruction to each student. We know that the education of each child in Nebo School District is a top priority of the Nebo Education Foundation, to help each student along the road to proficiency. I am so grateful to the Foundation for awarding our class this grant,” said Celeste Fisher, third-grade teacher at Wilson Elementary.

Santaquin Elementary - Kylianne Smith
Kylianne Smith, sixth-grade teacher at Santaquin Elementary, said, “Thank you so much! This grant will be used to purchase Chromebooks and a Chromebook cart for my classroom. Technology has become part of student's lives. By having this grant to purchase Chromebooks I'll be able to use technology in my lessons and make it so students are engaged the whole time throughout independent work. Knowing that I'll be able to adapt my lessons and do more interactive things on the Chromebooks helps me to know that my students will receive the best education possible. They'll be able to learn more than they would've just on paper. I am so grateful for the Nebo Education Foundation and their efforts to make education for students relevant to their lives and for their support for teachers. Without them, technology in my classroom wouldn't exist. I am grateful for their constant support in providing materials to their teachers!”    

Orchard Hills Elementary - Christy Collier
Christy Collier, first-grade teacher at Orchard Hills Elementary said, “I am very grateful for the approval of this science grant. My first grade team and I are so excited to be able to have these supplies to aid in the instruction and experience of life cycles in our classrooms. We look forward to teaching the life cycles of butterflies, frogs, chicks and lady bugs across  the first grade. These supplies will create great experience and learning.”

Santaquin Elementary - Shawnee McMullin
“Thank you Nebo Education Foundation for funding my grant. Not only are you providing my classroom with technology, but you are providing each of my students with meaningful and engaging learning experiences. This grant will provide my first graders with iPads to use for reading, writing, math, and more. I love having technology in my classroom so that I can further enhance my instruction. Technology allows me to customize individual experiences and practice for each student in my classroom. Students are able to practice and apply the things they are learning with programs like iReady Math, Imagine Learning, Adobe and many others that we love. My students and I are so grateful for the Nebo Education Foundation. We are so excited to put these iPads to good use! Thank you!” exclaimed Shawnee McMullin, first-grade teacher at Santaquin Elementary.

Spring Lake Elementary - Hailey Poulsen
Hailey Poulsen, fifth-grade teacher at Spring Lake Elementary, said, “Thank you for helping to fund the purchase of art books for my classroom.  I have been working to incorporate as many art forms and ideas into my instruction, as well as the students' "free time."  Thanks to a district training I went to last summer, I decided to add sketch books to our fast finisher choices.  However, I wanted to give my students the opportunity to study and practice art techniques, while helping them feel confident in their work. By purchasing art books, my students will have the chance to do these things. Thank you again, we are so excited to add these to our classroom!”

Foothills Elementary - Madeleine Bailey
“I had heard about the Nebo Education Foundation Grant opportunity for several years since starting working for the district.  As I looked at my budget at the beginning of this year I realized I didn't have enough to make ends meet to pay for the classroom materials I would need throughout the year and to pay for two programs I knew my students would highly benefit from.  I work with multiple students who have Fluency and Autism Spectrum Disorder. and require a high level of skilled services to help them access their education  The programs we are now able to buy with the money provided from the Nebo Education Foundation are research based programs that will help us provide those skilled services,” stated Madeleine Bailey, speech therapist at Foothills Elementary.

Orchard Hills Elementary - Sandy Olson, Stephanie Wood, Jonathon Grosdidier
“This grant will allow our students to use scientific and engineering practices with a hands-on experience involving a natural ecosystem in our area, the Salem Pond.  Students will use the steps of the scientific process to analyze the ecosystem around the Salem Pond.  The students will analyze the pH level of the pond to determine plant and animal life, use binoculars to look at birds, and gather and analyze samples of microorganisms.  Thank you so much for helping our 6th graders to have this experience!” exclaimed the sixth-grade teacher team, Sandy Olson, Stephanie Wood, and Jonathon Grosdidier, at Orchard Hills Elementary. 

Taylor Elementary - Gina Miller
"I am so excited and grateful to receive this grant from the Nebo Education Foundation. With this grant I am able to replace some of our worn out and well loved books in our Library at Taylor Elementary. Each day after the bell rings I have students come into the library to check out new books to read. I have one student who asks me each day if I have a particular book in yet. That book along with many others will be purchased with this grant. I am thrilled to see our library becoming a place where students love to come. They love to see what books are new and to check out new adventures. I am happy to be able to update some of our worn out books that our teachers use each year to add to their lessons and expose students to new ideas and topics. I am grateful  because the Nebo Education Foundation grant is making is possible to fulfill the wishes of our students and teachers. Thank You!" exclaimed Gina Miller, librarian at Taylor Elementary.

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