The high school graduation rate among the five traditional high schools in Nebo School District for 2018 is 95.58 percent. The graduation rate for the entire district, including the alternative high school, is 89.64 percent.

Nation’s graduation rate is 84 percent and Utah’s statewide graduation rate for 2017 is 86 percent. According to the Utah State Board of Education, “Over the past five years, Utah’s graduation rate has steadily increased from 81 percent in 2013 to 86 percent in 2017.”

Of Nebo School District’s graduation rates, Superintendent Rick Nielsen said, “We are so pleased with our excellent graduation rates and the outstanding work done by our educators to help our students have such high levels of success.”

He continued, “It is important to acknowledge our families and communities in anything to do with graduation rates. We have wonderful family and community support here in Nebo School District and are so grateful to our partners in education.”

Jim Welburn, Coordinator of Student Services at Nebo School District, related that there are many services and standards in place to help students graduate from high school. “We track student grades closely from junior high to high school. If a student receives a failing grade, his/her counselor calls them in and discusses how they can recover that credit.” There are college and career readiness classes offered in the junior high schools as well as programs such as Utah Connect and A-Plus that are designed to help struggling students graduate.

Graduating from high school is becoming more important than ever, according to many findings.

According to research conducted by the National Center for Education Statistics, those who don’t graduate from high school tend to make less money than those who do graduate from high school. On average, people between the ages of 18 and 67 who received at least their high school diploma make approximately $19,000 more annually than those who did not receive their high school diploma. In addition, those who receive a high school diploma, are more likely to enjoy job security.

Students can contact their school counselor for support and information on their graduation.