The following items are required for driver education:

Learner Permit

A permit issued by the Utah State Driver License Division to a person who:

  1. Has reached 15 years of age.
  2. Has passed the knowledge test required by the division.
  3. Has passed the physical and mental fitness tests.
  4. Has submitted a nonrefundable fee for a learner permit under Section 53-3-105.

(The student may drive only when accompanied in the front seat by an approved driving license instructor, the applicant’s parent or legal guardian, or a responsible licensed adult who has signed for the applicant under Section 53-3-211. The student is required to have at least 40 hours of driving time prior to obtaining a license.)


There is a charge of $100 per student to be paid at the high school finance office prior to enrollment.

Classroom Instruction

A course of classroom instruction shall include a program of not less than thirty (30) clock hours of instruction by a certified instructor.

Driving Range Instruction

The driving range instruction shall include a minimum of six (6) clock hours of instruction and six (6) hours of observation in a driving range vehicle.

Behind the Wheel Instruction

A course of behind-the-wheel driving instruction shall include teacher demonstrations, observations, and student practice with using vehicle controls to start, shift gears, make right and left turns, stop, back, park, etc.

A course of behind-the-wheel driving shall include a minimum of three (3) clock hours of instruction and three (3) hours of observation in a dual-control vehicle under the direction and supervision of a certified instructor.


Classes, Range and Road Instruction may be delayed due to the number of students enrolled.

Name Email Address
Payson HS — (801) 465-6025
Gary Mathewson – Coordinator
David L. Hiatt
Jeff Alexander
Sam Ford
Chris Loveless
Ross Nelson
Spanish Fork HS — (801) 798-4060
Michael Gardner – Coordinator
Matt Christensen
Alan Albright
Doug Snell
Roger Stahle
Springville HS — (801) 489-2870
Kelly Clements – Coordinator
Dan Money
Nancy Warner
Salem Hills HS — (801) 423-3200
Eric MacDonald – Coordinator
Steve Downey
Karl Hales
Brad Fillmore
Ivan Clarke
Joe Hernandez
Maple Mountain HS — (801) 794-6740  
Eric Hyer – Coordinator
Gregg Smith
Thomas Marker
Darrell Wyatt

District Coordinator: Mike Brown or 354-7418