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Computer Programming 1A                    .5 credit         Math/CTE                             85162

This course is an introduction to computer programming/software engineering and applications. Includes fundaments of computer programming, simple control and data structures, basic operating system commands, and the use of text files. Students will learn to design, code, and test their own programs. Students will also apply mathematical skills throughout the course. Prerequisites: Algebra I, keyboarding proficiency and Computer Technology.

Concurrent enrollment credit is available.
Fulfills the third Math credit requirement.

Computer Programming 1B                    .5 credit         Math/CTE                              85172

This course is an intermediate class in computer programming, software engineering and applications. This course review and builds on the concepts introduced in CP 1A. It introduces students to more complex data structures and their uses, including sequential files, arrays, classes, and recursive processes. Students will learn to create more powerful programs. Prerequisite: Computer Programming 1A.

Concurrent enrollment credit is available.
Fulfills the third Math requirement.

Digital Media                                                1 credit          CTE                                   86703/86704

This is an introductory course where students create projects using the elements of text, graphics, animation, sound, video and digital image editing. Emphasis is placed on real-world applications of these forms of media where students create fun and integrated projects. UVU Concurrent enrollment is available for this course.

Prerequisite: Computer Tech.