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Health Standards and Objectives

Course Descriptions:

Health Science Introduction                    .5 credit         CTE                                         83502           

This semester course is designed to create an awareness of career possibilities in health care and inform students of the educational options available for health science and health technology programs. Instruction includes beginning anatomy and physiology, medical terminology, medical ethics, diseases, and disorders. The course prepares students for the Medical Anatomy/Physiology course and/or for a variety of health technology programs.

Medical Anatomy & Physiology 1 credit          Science/CTE                        83533/83534

Anatomy is the study of structure. Students will learn the bones, muscles, nerves and other organ systems. Physiology is the study of function. Students will learn how the systems work and function as parts of a living organism. Discussions will also include clinical studies of diseases. This course is designed for students who have an interest in a medical career or in studying the human body. Completion of this course will be excellent preparation for more advanced courses such as AP Biology and anatomy classes in college.

Fulfills third Science credit requirement.

Biotechnology                                             1 credit          Science/CTE                        83513/83514

A laboratory-based course designed to teach students the basic principles and techniques associated with the field of biotechnology. Students will be introduced to the biology and chemistry of DNA, RNA and proteins. The following are major topics that will be covered: genetics, molecular biology, biochemistry, microbiology, DNA/RNA analysis, genetic engineering, bioethics, forensics and biotech careers.

Concurrent enrollment is available.
Fulfills third Science credit requirement.

Exercise Science/Sports Medicine       1 credit          CTE                                         83093/83094

Explores therapeutic careers, medical terminology, first aid, injury prevention, rehabilitation techniques, therapeutic modalities, sport nutrition and sport psychology.

Emergency Medical Services                 .5 credit         CTE                                         83202           

Provides students with emergency medical information and skills.