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Corona Virus Critical Information

As we work together to cope with COVID-19, we are discovering again and again how truly amazing our students, teachers, and parents are.

Thank You!

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Posted on 9/10/2020

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Posted on 4/24/2020

Beyond this point are posts related to Last Year (2019-2020)

Information provided by the World Health Organization(WHO) and CDC (and their spanish translation).

Posted on 4/3/2020

Posted on 3/30/2020

  • Amid uncertainty, Nebo will be following the existing school calendar including spring break.

Posted on 3/23/2020

Posted on 3/18/2020

Posted on 3/15/2020

Posted on 3/13/2020

Posted on 3/12/2020

Posted on 3/11/2020

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PDF icon Infectious Disease Response Plan.pdf117.7 KB
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PDF icon Shadow Mountain Registration delay.pdf213.25 KB
PDF icon Gov. Herbert Announces two-week closure of Utah’s public schools .pdf94.2 KB
PDF icon UHSAA-Update.pdf109.96 KB
PDF icon Letter to Parents 3.23.2020.pdf102.28 KB
PDF icon COVID-19 Letter to Parents Spanish 4 15 20.pdf183.84 KB
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PDF icon Nebo Free Meals Spanish 4 24 20.pdf178.12 KB
PDF icon Nebo Free Meals 4 24 20.pdf178.02 KB
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PDF icon COVID-19_Letter_to Parents_7.9.2020.pdf178.12 KB
PDF icon Letter_to_parents_ 9_July_ 2020_ Spanish.pdf162.85 KB
PDF icon Governor Issues Executive Order Adopting Updated Phased Guidelines and the State Health Department Issues Public Health Order Mandating Masks in all K-12 Schools.pdf76.84 KB
PDF icon UPHO 2020-10 State Public Health Order - Masks in Schools.pdf378.8 KB
PDF icon FAQ's Face Covering Order FINAL.pdf79.06 KB
PDF icon COVID-19 Letter to Families Letterhead 7.27.2020.pdf132.17 KB
PDF icon COVID-19 Letter to Families Spanish Letterhead 7.27.2020.pdf140.51 KB
PDF icon Reopening_Schools_2020_FAQ_Spanish.pdf238.34 KB
PDF icon COVID-19_School_Manual.pdf21.41 MB
PDF icon State Issues Public Health Order Clarifying Requirements for Face Masks in Schools.pdf84.46 KB
PDF icon State Public Health Order UPHO-2020-11 v.2.pdf185.39 KB
PDF icon Covid in Schools Utah County 8.24.20.pdf334.63 KB
PDF icon Covid in Schools Utah County Spanish 8.25.20.pdf343.4 KB
PDF icon Letter to Parents 8.26.2020.pdf116.26 KB
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